What you know about Kid Clothing… ?

REBOSSE -kids” is a well known Turkish manufacturing company for children wears in domestic market. Our main aim is to enlarge our experience and make known our special fashions with elegant designs in all around of world.

Fashion – is all about making the best use clothing with comfortable move. The main creativity is flexibility. Free in move – it is something that childrens enjoys. So we combined creativity with flexybility. If you love being free enjoy with our collections.

“REBOSSE -kids” has a big variety of baby and kid clothing models from 0-12 years, in a request we can provide a new designs for our partners. Our models planed as a reference to the end users. The designs has been planed not only for parents taste but also for the Kids – “REBOSSE -kids” clothes are mostly chosen by childrens themselves. Our team consists from a professional seamstresses, cutters and designers.

Everything you get in “REBOSSE -kids” are unique. When it comes of choosing clothes for your beloved ones quality is always comes first, and the quantity drags its afterwards.

Confidence is a King… We have all felt the pressure to dress to impress, but really, we should be dressing for ourselves. What we wear, and the clothes we buy, can impact our mood, and confidence… If you have an interest in fashion and clothing you are in a rigth place. “REBOSSE -kids” are open for new ideas, tell us your dream designs, and our high experienced designers can make them true…

REBOSSE -kids” has always been a value-driven company. The basic value of our company is based on trust and experience. Our values reflects the way we manage our company; our business partners, our investors, our employees and our communities.

We pride ourselves on expert product knowledge and results oriented attitudes. Our main gain is to be concentrated on long terms relations with business partners and augmenting our dealers with trustworthy work and high valuated knowlagdement.

Welcome to our family…